Bulk Update: Shiki 6, Occult Academy 7, and Ookami-san 7

August 13, 2010

Someone is not only willing, but happy to listen to Bou-san's troubles.

Another week with me falling behind. Here I try to keep up, by writing about Shiki episode 6, Occult Academy (Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin) episode 7, and Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi episode 7. Before we get down to it, you might want to know that the mysterious driver of the cart has produced a chart revealing anime expected in Fall 2010. Take a look now, and start wondering about shows you won’t be able to watch for months.

  1. Shiki episode 6
  2. Occult Academy episode 7
  3. Ookami-san episode 7

Shiki episode 6

Zombie Attack!

Just when you thought things were bad enough for the remaining residents of Sotoba village, the village is attacked by marauding zombies! … What? Oh. that’s just some old lady gossiping in front of the stationary store. Never mind.

The world's saddest vampire.

Some folks are slowly becoming aware of the true threat behind the deaths afflicting the town’s dwindling population. And the most emo part of that threat is Megumi’s undying undead puppy love. I can’t decide if ripping up her letter and scattering it where she could find it was a smart idea because it clarifies that she is not allowed in, or a stupid idea, because who knows what she will do when she is angry. At any rate, with some villagers catching on, this show is bound to take an interesting turn soon.

Occult Academy episode 7

Chihiro Kawashima, woman of great passion.

Next we have a series about Chihiro’s love, and some side plot about school kids and the end of the world. Man, was I trolled! I was sure that last week’s episode ended ominously with some sort of demonic being crossing into our dimension to enslave humanity. Actually that didn’t happen.

Oh, well. Everyone knows the real plot is about the vice-president, and in this episode she successfully defended her secret from one of those pesky students who tried to get into her desk drawer.

Ookami-san episode 7

Jizou-san gets an umbrella.

The fairy tale this time is another traditional Japanese tale. This one is about a man who gives his own umbrella to a Jizou statue on the side of the road. He returns home broke, weathered, and without any rice to eat for New Year’s. In the middle of the night, someone mysteriously leaves a giant rice ball for his family and, of course it was the Jizou statue returning the thoughtful man’s courtesy.

Ringo really loves blackmailing people, doesn't she?

In this version of the tale, a young girl (named Jizou) is sneaking in to her sempai’s dorm room to cook and clean for him. Ringo convinces her to explain her feelings in person. One thing leads to another, and, you guessed it, Ryouko ends up with amnesia. Wait, what?

A traumatic reunion.

In her vulnerable state Ryouko runs into Shirou Hitsujikai, the student council president of Onigashima High School. Shirou tells Ryoushi that he had sex with Ryouko and thus destroyed her reputation in middle school. Ryoushi stands by Ryouko, and Shirou eventually admits that he is a liar. Unfortunately Shirou displays some sort of skill (knife ability?) that disables Ryoushi’s ranged attack. Clearly there will be another confrontation with Shirou before this series ends, as he was able to get away without the trouncing he deserves.

8 Responses to “Bulk Update: Shiki 6, Occult Academy 7, and Ookami-san 7”

  1. Hana Says:

    Re: Shiki, I thought Bou-san’s mum made a nice contrast to the zombie lady, I can see where he gets his looks from. Also, has his dad caught the ‘summer cold’ too, or is he just an invalid? I wonder… As for the world’s saddest vampire, she’s also the world’s most stupid vampire too (well, while we wait to see how Masao turns out) – as if Natsuno would’ve done anything else!

    Re: OA, I must say the V.P. is growing on me too… but it’s all about Maya, Ami, JK and Smiiiiile!!!

  2. Mushyrulez Says:

    It’d be interesting to see what the Kanemasans do with the epidemic around; it’s obvious they’re the cause of it, but are they even vampires themselves? That cat-haired blue terminator-robot-vampire guy may have just been a vampire that went into their house (because all vampires do that)…

    • Joojoobees Says:

      I think the Kirishiki family probably are vampires, but it is interesting that they have managed to stay under the radar as of yet. Probably they will get more directly involved as the story moves towards its conclusion.

  3. Ginnodangan Says:

    This weeks episode of Occult Academy was great, Fumiaki looks like he’s shaping up a bit as the main character and it was great to see Maya now have a better understanding of him by being able to sympathise with her own past.
    And it would be interesting to see him somehow cause a paradox where his younger self loses his telekinesis by passing it on to his current self, and from what we saw he may have wanted to get rid of it back then.
    Also Kobayashi Yu is a goddess.

    As for Ookami-san, I’m really liking the fairytale aspect of this show and it was great to see what looks to be the final confrontation set up with Ryoushi’s declaration to “hunt” Shirou.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      Yeah, both male leads started off very weak, but have finally shown a little valor. I’m glad Maya finally is able to accept Fumiaki as well. I’m sure they can’t act effectively as a team if she can’t stand or trust him.

  4. f0calizer Says:

    re: “Man, was I trolled!” — I know *exactly* how you feel about Occult Academy. I wonder if the fact that each episode has a different director has anything to do with the (lack of) direction the series is taking?

    In complete contrast, Ookami-san ep7 was wonderfully funny and heartwrenching at the same time. Loved the bits where 13 yr-old Ryouko talks about her 16 yr-old self, and it hurts to see that she has to keep that gentle side of her repressed so much. And I was tickled that they went to Grimm’s Tearoom and Coffeeshop — a perfect place for fairy tale parody characters to go for dessert!

  5. Joojoobees Says:

    Poor Ryouko. She was much happier and open when she was younger. Unfortunately it is fairly believable that some people puff themselves up by preying upon those without the defenses to protect themselves. Instead of seeking out ever stronger opponents to test themselves against, they repeatedly bully those they know they can beat without effort. Hopefully Shirou’s inevitable fall will be gloriously told.

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