Ookami-san 5 – a hardcore pleasure-seeker who hits on both sides

July 30, 2010

The Final Boss.

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi episode 5 picks up the larger plot that was suggested back in episode 2. The Onigashima High School students (who attacked Ryouko in episode 2) are still causing trouble. The Otagi Bank responds by busting in to directly confront the Oni school’s new student council president. For comprehensive screen caps check out the Emory Anime Club’s site.

Momoko, chief disciplinarian, and pure pleasure seeker.

This week the fairytale being parodied is the story of Momotarou, in which a couple discovers a giant peach and within it, a boy sent from heaven to be their son. When he grows older, he heads to the island of Onigashima (the Island of Ogres), where, along with his three animal companions, he defeats the army of oni and their leader. The Ookami-san version involves the student council’s disciplinarian, whose interest in Ryouko prompts a shocking confession from Ringo.

President Liszt is pure evil.

I think Liszt pulled a fast one on Momoko (in fact the Narrator says he is pure evil). It is quite clear that Liszt from the show opening that Liszt is already planning to investigate the new leader of the Onigashima student council. It is also clear from the same scene that the student council already owes favors to Otogi Bank. When Momoko proposes that Ryouko help her raid Onigashima, Liszt agrees to take the case, but suggests that she take on the debt personally, thus gaining her assistance with his task, while convincing her it is a debt that must be repaid, and widening (rather than deepening) the account book.

Armor upgrade

Sniper Snap!

Neko Knuckle!

So things go pretty much as one might expect, the team got some armor upgrades from Majolica, and busted into the school. Unfortunately the bad guy was expecting them and pulled some stuff. Nevertheless, they managed to fight through to him in the end.

Hitsujikai Shirou, student council president of Onigashima High.

As it turns out, Onigashima’s student council president has some sort of history with Ryouko. He claims that he will have a talk with the students about their rowdy behavior, but that didn’t really fool anybody. Nevertheless, they retreat for now, having beaten up a large portion of the Onigashima High student body. Clearly Ryouko’s history with this monster is at the core of the series. Ryouko was briefly shown to have had some sort of traumatic experience in the dream sequence from episode two, and I think it is likely this guy was behind it.

Ryouko's first real dere-dere moment!

Perhaps it was the words of her trainer, Kumada-san, or maybe it was just the effort Ryoushi has been putting into the relationship, but Ryouko finally relents, and offers up a dere-dere moment.

There are those who complain that this show offers nothing particularly new. At this point I would agree that it is mostly mindless Summer fun, but I do think that there could be something a little more substantial hidden by Ryouko’s wolfish scowl than the typical tsundere idol. Even if we get to the prize, we might find ourselves, like someone who finished a box of Cracker Jack, stuffed on caramel corn, when we could have been eating a sensible meal, loaded with veggies. As for me, I’m enjoying the Summer, so I’ll keep snacking.

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  1. f0calizer Says:

    “stuffed on caramel corn” – indeed! It’s all round fun, but I’m also balancing my summer watching menu with slightly more serious stuff from long ago (like Real Drive). Ryouko’s dere-dere moment was well worth a rather lukewarm episode, especially with the sunset and sepia effect. I felt Hitsujikai’s villainous character design seems just a bit out of place – like he crossed over from Gundam Seed or something similar. I’m curious about that strange woman with long blonde hair he was talking to at the end…no doubt she’s some powerful sidekick Ryouko will have to fight later on?

    • Joojoobees Says:

      I’m taking the opportunity to watch a couple of older anime as well. I haven’t seen Real Drive, maybe I should put it on the list.

  2. Mushyrulez Says:

    Is it just me or did Ryouko look like she was gonna get raped or something, during the flashback? @_@

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