Occult Academy 1: first impression

July 5, 2010

And from the sky came a pillar of fire.

Occult Academy (Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin) is a story about saving the world by preventing something bad from happening in 1999. Perhaps you have heard of an impending doom associated with the year 2012? Occult Academy is the story of how the world of 2012 will try to avert the crisis by sending someone back to 1999 to prevent the tragedy from occurring. I happen to love stories like this, and so far, I’m happy to say, this series is off to a good start.

Attending your father's funeral is bad enough...

Maya Kumashiro

July 1999: Maya Kumashiro returns to the academy for occult studies that her father founded to attend his funeral service. In the town below, rumors abound about strange things associated with the academy. Having arrived, Maya, dressed in an unusual outfit for a funeral, has a difficult time concealing her impatience, as a tape recording her father made is played for the students assembled. In it, the beloved principal, and school founder incants a formula to return spirits from the dead. As they say, things go horribly wrong.

You have looked better.

Most of this first episode involves introducing characters and setting the scene, as you might imagine. I was surprised by the amount of action. There were also a couple of honestly funny moments, and even some touching ones. By the end of the episode, I think it is pretty easy to understand why Maya hates the occult.

Maya and her father in happier times.

One other thing we learn about Maya is that she has been wearing that same outfit since she was a tiny girl. I don’t know why, but, yeah, the exact same outfit, from hair band to black stockings. She doesn’t wear the pumpkin any more, though.

"For official purposes, everyone has a number. Yours is number six."

We weren’t given a lot of information about this guy yet. He obviously is the one sent back in time to save the future. I think we saw his fifth incarnation die. Maya got to see a whole lot more. We’ll have to wait until next week to get any real info out of him, though; there just isn’t enough information to properly speculate. I’ll be eagerly watching for what may be the series that redeems the reputation of Anime no Chikara.

5 Responses to “Occult Academy 1: first impression”

  1. foshizzel Says:

    Ooooh sounds really awesome, can’t wait to check it out I had no idea this show would have action makes me want to watch it even more and the time traveler thing is crazy but works for me.

  2. I believe I’ve already found my favorite series from this season in this (seems better than I’ve expected) and I haven’t even seen it yet! Hahahahha! *only spoiled* curses to slow downloads on weekdays =_=

  3. Joojoobees Says:

    @foshizzel: I have no idea why I enjoy the time traveler thing so much. I’ve always liked these kinds of stories. I think it would be really cool to visit the past. Maybe I also wish I could go back in time and correct my own mistakes.

    @Sapphire Pyro: :tease: Now you are gonna have to wait, while other people enjoy the show before you do. 😛

  4. foshizzel Says:

    Really cool show! I think its one of my new favorites as well, the ending was pretty funny lol.
    Time traveling would be fun just wouldn’t go to far back xD

  5. Kyokai Says:

    This is definitely one of those that delivered more than what I was expecting (I lowered my expectations after seeing what happened with Ookami and Mago). I’m definitely watching this, can’t wait to see more interaction between Maya and number 6. ^^;

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