Shiki (Summer 2010) pre-release artwork

June 24, 2010

This post is just to let people know about some pre-release materials for a Summer 2010 anime that I am highly anticipating: Shiki. For those who don’t know, Shiki is a Supernatural-Horror anime, featuring the events in the small Japanese village of Sotoba.

I can’t offer any commentary, because I’m unfamiliar with the source material, which was authored by Fuyumi Ono (creator of 12 Kingdoms and Ghost Hunt), and adapted to manga by Ryu Fujisaki (Soul Hunter).

In addition to three additional character illustrations, you can also find the previously released trailer, and a new “spot” video by heading over to the official website. Unfortunately there is a limit to how much I can understand, even when assisted by the power of BabelFish, so for more detailed information, including seiyu, OP & ED performers, etc., I would head over to Anime News Nerwork’s Shiki entry.

6 Responses to “Shiki (Summer 2010) pre-release artwork”

  1. Kyokai Says:

    This on my definite watch-list, been waiting for this since fall. Omoshiroi~!

    • Joojoobees Says:

      🙂 Heh, you can probably tell that I am enormously excited (perhaps too excited) about this series, since I’m posting something about it already.

  2. blindability Says:

    Ooh that art is enticing. I’m still on the fence about watching this – partly because Ookami Kakushi was such a let down. …Partly also because the horror genre doesn’t sit well with me, so if it’s really well done (and it looks like it just might be), then I won’t be sleeping for a season.

    (I’ll be better known as “Panda-san” by that point in time, haha.)

    • Joojoobees Says:

      As far as Ookami Kakushi goes, I don’t expect it will turn out much like it. I have a lot of faith in Fuyumi Ono to create a detailed, compelling world, and to write an engaging story.

      I understand your second objection, though. I’ve never been good with Horror. I don’t particularly enjoy being scared. And that preview trailer was pretty creepy, especially the way they handled the sound to it.

  3. I LOVE THE ANIME ARTWORK *_* They look fantastic! Hopefully the actual episodes are just as good *_*

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