Music Appreciation: Ali Project

June 20, 2010

Arika Takarano, vocalist of Ali Project.

If you’ve ever wanted to hear what German cabaret mixed with Techno would sound like, this post is for you! Ali Project (formerly Ari Project, AKA Ant Purojekuto) consists of the duo Arika Takarano (vocals and lyrics) and Mikiya Katakura (instruments and composition). Since their beginning in 1988, this fierce musical team has delivered their signature sound to many fine anime. As I explained in an earlier post, I’m not going to try to order these songs by “quality”. The intention of this series of posts is merely to spend time appreciating some of the great music of anime, and the artists who made it. I hope you enjoy!

Clamp Campus Detectives [OP] (1997).

If you are only already familiar with the more recent work produced by Ali Project, this one might surprise you. Arika’s voice is lighter (even somewhat childish) by comparison to the dark tone she produces in recent performances. However, the music itself has some signature Ali Project elements, such as the crazy scale runs.

Noir [OP] (2001).

This opening was one of my favorite parts of Noir. The dark lyrics point to the direction the band was moving artistically.

Rozen Maiden [OP] (2004).

This song is absolutely classic Ali Project, and the animation complements it so well. I almost included this one on my post of generalized OP appreciation, but decided that I really needed to do a whole post on Ali Project instead. What can I say about this, besides, “when you get tired of watching this, you should check out this music video for the show’s second season, Rozen Maiden Träumend“.

Maria-sama ga Miteru [OP] (2004).

This one probably is quite surprising, and is a bit of a cheat on my part. This is actually an instrumental by Mikiya Katakura, so it is only one half of Ali Project, although Arika did sing lyrics to this song in the second season. The sound is very unlike Ali Project, but the effect is quite nice, and shows their versatility.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion [ED] (2006)

We began with a Clamp production, and so we shall end. In addition to another fine song from Ali Project, this ED had animation in a style unlike the show itself, which made for interesting viewing. BTW, for lovers of this song, there is a longer version as a music video (featuring Arika posing in several crazy outfits, of course).

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this little appreciation post for Ali Project. If so, you might want to check out their official website.

9 Responses to “Music Appreciation: Ali Project”

  1. It’s weird that I haven’t been too impressed by AliPro since Rozen Maiden’s OPs. I think it might have been the OVA’s OP that turned me off and since then, I haven’t paid much attention to them because the songs just started sounding same-y. Still, the run they made with Noir all the way to RM was solid and enjoyable and I do hope they regain form.

  2. Landon Says:

    I made a friend of mine watch Book of Bantorra with me awhile back and when it’s Ali Project theme kicked in he said “That’s why you like this anime. It has an Ali Project theme!”

    Which amused me since the only other anime I like with one of their songs as a theme is Noir. I just happen to really like their stuff, even if it all starts to sound the same after awhile. Most bands are like that, they just don’t have a distinctive sound to begin with. Ali Project does.

  3. OneSin Says:

    the OP of RM and the OVA are definitely my favourite , and a few others like Coffin of Coppelia.

  4. Caraniel Says:

    Ali Project typically makes me want to claw my ears off, and generally has me frantically scrambling for the mute button within 2 seconds.

  5. Joojoobees Says:

    @Landon & @zzeroparticle, some of there music is “same-y”, but it is also distinctively their sound. I haven’t been impressed by everything they have done, but some of it is so good and unique that it makes me jealous.

    @OneSin, if I had to pick a favorite, the RM OP could easily be it.

    @Caraniel, LOL. I really like artists that have the courage to make potentially disastrous creative choices, and the intensity in some of their music is so virtuosic that it could put people off.

  6. Canne Says:

    I actually like the sound and the feel of Ali project. The songs are always interesting to listen but none of them manage to last very long in my mind

  7. Aramaki Says:

    Well, AP is reaññy a cult group. They music is so unique and versatile.

    Yes, the anime-relates songs are very alike, but you have to listen their other works. For example, the “Kinsho” and “Posion” Albums. None of those songs are remotely simmilar and are very very sensual and dark.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      I would like to get my hands on one of their non-anime albums, but I probably I wouldn’t understand the lyrics, because those don’t frequently get translated.

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