Saraiya Goyou – House of Five Leaves 10: footsteps in the dark

June 18, 2010

Yagi seems to have discovered the secret of Sarai-ya Goyou.

In episode 10 of the House of Five Leaves, Yaichi collapses in despair, while two men close in on his identity. Sachi also decides to leave, and, unfortunately, we get very little information about Otake’s background.

Yaichi's lethargy is an unmistakable sign of depression.

Most of this episode saw Yaichi lost in thought. He seems to know that his past is catching up with him. Apparently that past is approaching from two directions. From one side, the leader from his old gang (the one reportedly turned in to the police) is asking questions in town. From the other, Yagi pumps more information out of Masa.

Masa hides his true kendo from Yagi.

Yagi meets Masa and Sachi on the street, and brings them back to his house. In sparring practice, Masa loses, and even his sister is suspicious that he threw the match. Masa has been instructed by Yaichi to hide his abilities with the sword from Yagi, lest they arouse some suspicions. Yagi, however seems to already have some very specific suspicions. He tells Masa about living next to a young boy and his servant, and that Yaichi reminds him of that young boy. He asks Masa if Yaichi has a burn on his shoulder. Later Masa tells Yagi that Yaichi doesn’t have one, but Yagi doesn’t believe him, in fact he takes that as confirmation of Yaichi’s former identity.

Sachi, my dear, you're overthinking this.

Sachi decides to go home after seeing Otake meeting clandestinely with Yaichi. Before she leaves, she heads over to Matsu’s to thank him for the gift, and to tell him that she is sorry, but she already has a boyfriend. Matsu doesn’t seem to get it, and just wishes her luck. Sachi seems to be enjoying her fantasy, so no harm done, I suppose.

Unfortunately we got precious little information on Otake. She appeared, briefly, in a flashback from Yaichi’s past. She also mentioned that she had been a prostitute. Masa guesses, correctly, that Yaichi was the one who bought her her freedom. This is a real shame, because, with only two episodes left, I doubt there is any time remaining to devote to her.

4 Responses to “Saraiya Goyou – House of Five Leaves 10: footsteps in the dark”

  1. matou Says:

    The young girl, older gentleman appears to be a recurrent theme for Natsume Ono (Ristorante Paradiso).

    Only two more episodes – I’ll hate to see this end.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      Yeah, I liked Ristorante Paradiso, but I have a soft spot for Italy; I did a study-abroad in Siena. I also have worked in several restaurants, so that part of it was pretty believable to me (despite all of the glasses).

  2. Kyokai Says:

    I LOL’d at Sachi’s concept of being sinful. Poor pet thinking Matsu having interest in her; though it was all Masa’s fault. Otake might still get some limelight as Sei’s history is pretty much revealed.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      RE: Otake. That would be fine by me, they just don’t have a lot of time in which to do it. They did such a good job fleshing out Ume and Matsu, I want to see some of the humanity hiding behind Otake’s mocking smile.

      I hope this series gets a US release soon. I would love to see it on a bigger screen (I use a little laptop to view the streaming releases).

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