Durarara!! 22: Anri in a bunny suit

June 12, 2010

Anri. Maybe not the kind of bunny suit you were hoping for.

Durarara!! episode 22 is a mostly action-packed episode. Anri is chased by the Yellow Scarves, Mikado disbands the Dollars, and Shizuo is assassinated by Horoda.

Shizuo lies bleeding.

Alright let’s get right to this. We don’t know that Shizuo is dead, but we do now know what can knock him down. Horoda attacks Shizuo with a gun. Shizuo looks pretty bad; he is losing a lot of blood, and he is apparently in some back alley somewhere, so it is unknown if help will (or can) arrive in time to save him.

The Yellow Scarves are a mob running out of control.

The Yellow Scarves have obviously gone completely out of Masaomi Kida’s control. Not only has Horoda shot Shizuo with a gun, the Yellow Scarves are attacking more and more people, on the suspicion that they are involved with the Dollars.

Good to see Ryo got a little payback.

A lot of this episode was dedicated to a chase scene, in which the Yellow Scarves tried to abduct Anri. Since Mikado found out that she was in danger, he pulled the Dollars Admin card, and activated his network. Many people, in many small ways, assisted in Anri’s escape, including Ryo Takiguchi, who had been beaten, just a couple of episodes ago, by the very man he dumped a pile of boxes on. This section really showed some of the potential of a distributed network of people acting towards one goal. Unfortunately Mikado doesn’t seem to quite get it. He seems more traumatized by the fact that his friends are getting hurt. He doesn’t listen to the enthusiasm in the posts coming in from Dollars members that together they were able to do some good. Instead he disbands the Dollars.

Izaya gloatingIzaya gloating while sipping tea

One person is happy with how everything is going down. Yes, Izaya Orihara is comfortable in his office, while people around Ikebukuro are being chased, beaten, and shot. While Shizuo lies bleeding in the rain, Izaya enjoys a hot cup of tea. Remember about two episodes ago, when Izaya mentioned to Namie that there was a stolen gun floating around? Remember how I said that Shizuo lies bleeding from a gunshot wound? Do you really think that is a coincidence? Can there be any doubt that Izaya was ultimately behind the shooting of Shizuo?

Not cool, Kida, NOT COOL.

Meanwhile Masaomi Kida, who reinvigorated the Yellow Scarves, but has no control over them, comes across Anri, as she is being chased by his gang. Does he stand up for her in front of them? No. He takes her aside and accuses her of being a manipulative bitch. ???! I suspected that Kida was the weakest link, ever since we saw him getting owned by Izaya in the Blue Squares incident, but knowing and seeing are two different things. Somebody please slap that guy!


13 Responses to “Durarara!! 22: Anri in a bunny suit”

  1. Kabitzin Says:

    LOL, Masaomi getting slapped was pretty good. Wait till Anri hears about how Masaomi pussied out with Saki. She should have kneed him in the balls and told him to never call her ero-Anri again.

  2. Lina Says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t even talk about the part at the end where Celty plans on getting Mikado and Anri to tell each other their secrets!

    • Joojoobees Says:

      Well, they haven’t told each other anything yet, so I don’t have much to say about the topic. I agree with Celty, though, in that some sincere communication is needed to resolve this situation.

  3. Rakuen Says:

    Haha, the slap was one of the most satisfying moments of the episode. Possibly the entire series. The only thing that could have made it better were if Bright Noa himself had appeared to do it.

    Hey, this is Durarara. They’ve done a lot of product placement, why not Gundam as well? XD

  4. Joojoobees Says:

    @Kabitzin & @Rakuen

    Man, did he have that coming! He could have prevented some of this mayhem if he had acted on the information he had earlier. He could have spoken directly with Mikado much earlier, or even with Anri before she was chased by the Yellow Scarves. Not to mention he could have just been a jerk when he finally met up with her. Not to mention he should have seen that the Yellow Scarves were ignoring his orders and were attacking people, and done something about it.

    Somehow Kida managed to become everything he hated. Not just the leader of a violent gang. Not just the enemy of the people he used to call his friends. He managed to become the person who sat back and watched everything spin out of control, just like he claimed he wouldn’t do again, after his experience with Saki’s abduction.

    Honestly, if he gets out of this with only a slap, he will be very lucky.

  5. Kyokai Says:

    The way Masaomi haggled Anri, he sure deserved that slap. Though I would like to see what the hell he does with his unruly gang of men. If it were me I would kick their butts to kingdom come for disobedience but oh well. Two episodes left and still no agreement or big talk between the trio. Hayaku~!

    • Joojoobees Says:

      I don’t know how, or if, Masaomi will take care of the Yellow Scarves. I’m guessing things will get worse in the meantime, since Horoda is claiming that Kida ordered the hit on Shizuo. That is bound to have repercussions.

  6. foshizzel Says:

    Agreed! Kida need to get smacked way to go Anri! the whole part where the dollars helped Anri escape was kind of fun to watch, seeing all the old characters from the first 10 episodes. Was shocked to see Shizuo get shot but knowing who told them too might end bad for Kida, if Shizuo is still alive.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      Yes, the shooting raises some very serious questions.

      And I completely agree about the folks from earlier. It is nice, since they have this huge cast of characters that have been introduced, that they put some of them to use. It also raises more questions about dissolving the Dollars; it feels like, “hey, I remember her/him, why haven’t I seen them lately? Oh, yeah, because Mikado hasn’t done anything useful with the Dollars for the last ten episodes.”

  7. blindability Says:

    Shizuo getting shot really surprised me but Kida’s slap was a long time coming; he definitely deserved that.

  8. foshizzel Says:

    Anri in a bunny suit = waits for fan art. Oh wait I have seen that already..

    Well can’t wait till next week, wonder if Simon will do anything…probably.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      I’ve given up on Simon doing anything really important. He seems to have become a minor character. Same with Namie; all she does these days is clean Izaya’s office.

      • Roger Says:

        Don’t give up! It’ll happen! Not for Namie, mind you. Well she, does something but not really.

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