Durarara!! 21: mother knows best

June 7, 2010

Listen to your mother.

Episode 21 has already been discussed extensively in the ani-blogosphere, so this week we dive right into a blog round up.

Borderline Hikikomori: contrasts Mikado’s and Masaomi’s leadership styles.

[Mikado] has a vast network of “underlings” at his disposal, people that no one can really identify, but at the same time, he can’t control or protect them. It’s the paradox of being a leader but not being able to lead.
In the opposite situation but facing the same sort of problem was Kida. He’s the leader, and everyone knows that. When he’s around, people respect him and listen to him. […] But when he’s not around, he has no control over his gang.

Hanners’: points out that effective control of the troops isn’t enough. Anri has it in spades, but she still doesn’t escape from Izaya’s trap.

Anri has the most control over her “followers” (for obvious reasons), a facility which she uses to try and stop attacks being committed by the Yellow Scarves. Although this seems like a sound strategy on one level, it is in fact playing right into Izaya’s hands, creating yet more unrest and tension between the various factions at play here.

Star Crossed: Psgels offers an analogical comparison of the three leadership problems.

It feels like Kida is trying to lead a group of dogs: loyal, but when left alone they might start barking and attacking. Anri on the other hand is leading zombies: brainless and completely obedient. Mikado on the other hand is trying to herd cats: it doesn’t work and more often than not they’ll just go with their own ideas.

Caraniel’s Ramblings: Here Anri’s actions are viewed differently. Instead of viewing them as rising from the nature of her followers, Caraniel’s insight is that Anri acts as she does based on her own personality.

Anri’s distance is due to her actively attempting to solve the problem all by herself rather than talk it out with Masaomi and Mikado.  Its sort of understandable given Anri’s personality though – she is really quite socially awkward and is used to squashing her emotions and being alone.  Shouldering the burden on her own is something she does without really thinking.

Unmei Kaihen: Shinmaru uniquely he makes the case for Kadota as leader of the Dollars.

Wouldn’t [Kadota] be a great leader? He’s already got experience leading a group, he’s honorable, and he’s also tough enough to command respect. Kadota wouldn’t dominate the actions of everyone in Dollars, but if someone got out of line and tried to needlessly stir up shit, he would definitely step in and put the hammer down. And you’ll notice that he was in the chat helping the positive feelings flow. Dollars doesn’t rise back from being more than a band of well-intentioned ruffians without Dotachin.

Metanorn: Kyokai has a number of interesting observations, including comparisons to Tatami Galaxy, but what I wanted to feature was this very emotionally satisfying animated gif.

Horoda had this coming.

Hyper Parfait: Sapphire Pyro points out Shinra’s mug, which I had completely missed while watching.


bananaMuffin: Foshizzel (as well as Sapphire Pyro) is very concerned about the implications of Shizuo’s appearance in the preview for next week — seemingly losing conscience and bloody. Well there’s nothing we can do, but wait until then to find out what happens.

13 Responses to “Durarara!! 21: mother knows best”

  1. Shinmaru Says:

    You know, I have to admit Shinra is a lot more tolerable just dispensing random advice and carrying silly coffee mugs.

  2. Roger Says:

    Nice round-up, though I’m disappionted that the one person that’ll go against Izaya’s plans that was shown in this episode was overlooked by everyone.

  3. foshizzel Says:

    Indeed I wonder about Shizuo! whats gonna happen they better not kill off my favorite dude!

    Great episode this week few boring parts but still exciting to see the events unfold, can’t wait for next week!

  4. Kyokai Says:

    Aha! Everything is coming together quite nicely! I am pretty sure they can’t kill off Shizu-chan (who can anyway?), but definitely something serious went down if he’s all flat and zoned out.

    I did notice the mug but meh, who cares about his caricature, the evil spawn… >.>

    • Joojoobees Says:

      “I am pretty sure they can’t kill off Shizu-chan”

      I hope you’re right. I’m just worried that Izaya will pull something.

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