Summer 2010 Plans

June 1, 2010

Note: This is not a comprehensive Summer 2010 “preview”. There are many good ones already available online, so I’ll just be offering my plans for what I’ll be covering this season. For a complete preview of the season’s anime offerings, you can check out one of these fine sites:

Summer 2010 Plans

The new shows this Summer really don’t impress me. Here I present the three shows I intend to follow, in order of decreasing confidence.

Shi Ki

For me, this is a must-watch, first, it airs in the Noitamina slot, but especially because the story was written by Fuyumi Ono, who wrote 12 Kingdoms and Ghost Hunt. The genre is horror, which isn’t my favorite, but I haven’t been disappointed by Ono-sensei yet. She got her degree in Buddhist studies, and that really shows in both her presentation of philosophical and supernatural themes in the two earlier series. The sound work on that trailer is intense!

Occult Academy

Another supernatural show, but I’m expecting this to have more humor. This will be the third Anime no Chikara show, so, who knows, maybe third time really is the charm. Heh. The description sounds kind of goofy: a time-traveling esper goes back to 1999 to use Nostradamus’ prophecies to save us from a demon, or a secret organization, or something. That works for me, though. A-1 Pictures will probably deliver a pretty good-looking show. Hopefully the characters will be fun, and the plot won’t be terrible.

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi

Yeah, this is the show that is being derided everywhere for having a Taiga lookalike. Not only that, but it is loaded with cliche’s, including the oh, so obvious tsundere action. Now it is possible that, given the brazenness of the way they packed the cliches into the trailer, this will be a clever send-up of anime conventions. Or they might have thought that’s what they produced, when actually it is derivative and pointless. Okay. We know J. C. Staff are going to make it look good at least, and it supposedly is going to spoof fairy tales, so that might be fun. Besides, I really liked the narration on the trailer; I could really imagine her as an over-the-top wicked witch.

Whatever your Summer plans, have fun!

5 Responses to “Summer 2010 Plans”

  1. foshizzel Says:

    Nice summer choices, I think ill be watching Occult,High school of the Dead, and Legend of the legendary hero. But will end up watching everything at least once not sure which I will blog we shall see.

  2. Joojoobees Says:

    I’ll probably sample a couple more shows, but unless I read reviews saying it is really worth it, I simply won’t bother with most. I’ll make sure to check your site to see what you think about Legend of the legendary heroes, since I was contemplating that one.

  3. You already know my thoughts on this I suppose (thanks for the linkback!) and you have choices there~ (of course since it’s similar to mine. Mwahahahaha! *is shot*)

    “She got her degree in Buddhist studies”
    –> Ah, that explains the Buddhism themes in Shiki. It’s not limited to that religion though 😉

    • Joojoobees Says:

      “of course since it’s similar to mine.”

      What can I say, besides, “great minds think alike”?

      • “you have choices there~”
        ==> “you have fine choices there~”

        why do I neglect to put words at times x_x I’m glad you were able to get it ^^;

        “great minds think alike”?
        Mwahahahahaha >=D

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