Arakawa under the Bridge 7: to live is to reach out

May 19, 2010

Ric-sensei senses the arrival of the banchou.

In episode 7 of Arakawa under the Bridge, a lesson in common sense is taught, and P-ko’s love for the mayor is revealed.

Another beautiful and philosophical opening: as Nino describes the adventure of life, we are shown images of a whale leaping towards the sky, and reflections in the whale’s eye, of birds, a rocket, and Nino.

Eyes, it seems everyone's got 'em.

Ric-sensei opens his school under the bridge, where he attempts to teach the locals about common sense. They don’t really pick up on the idea, so he tries science, which does manage to capture the attention of the twins and Nino, until the banchou, Stella, shows up. Still he manages to engage even her for a while, which shows that Ric is learning how to handle the residents of under bridge, at least a little.

Afterward, Ric tries to help out P-ko with her garden. Her clumsy ways make this difficult, of course. In the course of things P-ko opens up and tells Ric of her love for the mayor. Ric is disbelieving at first, but P-ko is adamant, saying, “Even if he has no common sense, he lives an unwavering life.” This seems to stun Ric; it questions the value of that, into which he had placed so much faith. This realization seems to have come not a moment too soon, as Ric is spotted by someone from the bridge who seems intent on bringing him back to his old life.

P-ko's love for a youkai refuses to be bound by common sense.

This show continues to balance the silliness with more significant themes, as Ric learns some important life lessons from his new friends under the bridge. The appearance of people from his father’s company seems destined to inject drama into the mix, as his old way of living can’t possibly co-exist with his new life with Nino.

6 Responses to “Arakawa under the Bridge 7: to live is to reach out”

  1. lvlln Says:

    I can’t help but adore P-ko. She was so cute hanging on to Riku as the only person who’ll still help her. And of course she kind of blew Riku’s mind with her final lines in the episode.

    This one was more comedy focused with less story than usual, but since it was hilarious, that’s ok. Looks like there will be more significant story developments next episode.

  2. Kyokai Says:

    Poor Recruito-kun, always the victim of weirdness from the Bridge citizens. Though, it was fun watching P-ko this time around. Her reddish bow-tweak is just too adorable!

    A lot of dun-dun to be expected from the arrival of whoever called him Kaichou. I remember thinking what would his father do if he finds out his current shenanigans. Next episode seems interesting! XD

  3. Joojoobees Says:

    I agree with you both. First P-ko was great this episode. I was laughing through that whole section. Ans secondly, next episode should be interesting as Recruit will have to deal with the consequences of having adopted this new lifestyle.

  4. blindability Says:

    I wonder if Recruit will instantly revert to his prior self and how Nino will feel about that – esp now that they’ve grown closer. She’s fairly passive when she rebukes Recruit so it’d be interesting to see her get really emotional over something.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      I hope for Ric’s sake he doesn’t revert. I’m sure the people from his old life will have a hard time accepting “Recruit”, and will try to convert him back.

      • blindability Says:

        I’m pretty sure he won’t since regression would mean losing Nino – and I’m pretty sure they’ve reached a point in their relationship that Recruit doesn’t want to lose (nor hurt) Nino.

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