Durarara!! 15 in which Shizu-chan finally gets some love

April 25, 2010

Shizuo is the strongest and there ain't no denying.

In Durarara!! episode 15, Shizuo Heiwajima finally gets some love. A reporter from Tokyo Warrior has been asking, “who is the strongest in Ikebukuro?” Well, don’t ask, unless you’re prepared to get hit with a street sign. Celty gushes … about Shizuo, and takes him for a ride on her bike. And, finally, Shizuo receives a confession of love at the cliff hanger of the best episode of the show’s second half, so far.

I thought this was a fun episode because I got to see some characters that hadn’t gotten their fair share of screen time, including Simon and Dota-chin’s gang, but greatest of all was that Shizuo finally got the credit he deserved. Everyone admits that Shizuo is the strongest in the city, including Izaya (who is seen watching Hanamaru Kindergarten???). But beyond that, the Slasher/Saika declares its love for Shizuo, who responds by ripping Togusa’s van door off and using it as a shield as he charges the Slasher at the cliffhanger.

Shizuo Heiwajima in a moment of somber reflection.

But enough about that, as Kyokai said on MetaNorn:

What would I give for Celty and Shizu-chan pairing?! Aaargh, why did she have to end up with Shinra?! Who is not doing anything for her knowing full well all the background betrayals that his father has done to her. Not to mention the many conspiracies happening around her.

Fortunately, for Celty X Shizuo shippers, this episode features Celty herself gushing over how awesome Shizuo is. It’s pretty funny how ecstatic and breathless Celty becomes as she describes Shizuo. He’s like a wolfman, a shot to the head. “It’s impossible to compare him to anything.” Later Celty takes Shizuo with her as they patrol the streets in search of the Slasher.

Celty X Shizuo FOREVER!

BTW, Shinmaru declares Izaya the strongest in Ikebukuru, by questioning the relevance of the measure of physical strength. All I can say is, “that kind of fancy talkin’ might sound good when you’re sitting in front of a computer, but step down to Ikebukuro, and a stop sign upside the head will straighten you out, right quick.”

12 Responses to “Durarara!! 15 in which Shizu-chan finally gets some love”

  1. Shinmaru Says:

    Hey, man, I could beat Shizuo if I wanted to! I just don’t want to!

    For me, the strength argument is resolved as follows: Shizuo needs to engage Izaya physically to defeat him; Izaya does not need to physically assault Shizuo to one-up him. Point, Izaya.

  2. Joojoobees Says:


    Well, assuming Izaya’s theory of the valkyries is true, my money says Shizuo is the true hero that Celty is destined to escort to Valhalla. Izaya can scheme as much as he wants, but the great hero is Shizuo.

  3. Velore Says:

    Wow, I was checking the post to look for some motivation to watch it, as Durarara!! lately is kinda hard to watch. And guess what? Shizuo and Selty is all I needed to want to check it out!

    Definitely better pairing than Selty x Shinra, which is just eeewww. (Even Izaya x Selty’s head seems to be less disturbing)

    Just seeing them together on the motorcycle is awesome.

    And Izaya watching Hanamaru? What the fuc*? Don’t tell me I have to watch now too.. 😛

    • Joojoobees Says:

      Yeah, it would be an awesome twist if she ditched Shinra for his being himness (bonus: she gets rid of his dad at the same time), and realized her true love for Shizuo.

      I can’t be sure that was Hanamaru, it might have been some sort of live-action kid’s show. If someone knows for sure, please explain.

  4. foshizzel Says:

    Agreed Shizuo X Celty forever!!

  5. Kyokai Says:

    Finally a Shizu-chan episode that I can gush over like Celty. XD Not really sure it was Hanmaru on TV or not, maybe it was just some random animation that Izaya was watching?

    Btw, nice blog here, Joojoobees! Would roam around here more. 🙂

  6. Joojoobees Says:


    Yeah, I’m not sure it is Hanamaru Kindergarten either; it might be something weirder. You can clearly see an adult man and woman surrounded by tiny children (most of whom seem to have blue smocks on). That’s why I thought it might be Hanamaru. On the left of the image, however, is what might be a person wearing an elephant costume. That might be the feature that really gives it away if you were familiar with Japanese shows for kids.

  7. Shizu-chan desu~ Says:

    [Sigh] why can’t people just enjoy the hot guys instead of trying to pair them off?Shizuo:D!I think they’re both better off single. Same goes for Kida<3. The only couples I see happening in DRR!! Is Mikado(he's cute)Anri. Anyway, I look forward to seeing more Izaya<3 and Shizuo<3 fights<3<3.

    • Joojoobees Says:

      Try not to let it get you down. There are always gonna be people who have a different way of approaching shows. Many shows have a vocal set of followers who like to pair up the male leads. You don’t have to engage in it, but if you get too upset by it, you’ll have a hard time enjoying a lot of shows, because fujoshi are everywhere.

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